puppy pads – Say hello to these. If you don’t know what to do, potty training a new puppy might be challenging. But there are various tools at hand. Many you can use to assist your puppy go and potty where you want it to go.


How to Train Your Darling Furball to Go on Puppy Pads

Puppy pads (also known as potty pads or pee pads) are a useful tool for teaching your puppy where to go to the toilet. This training method relies on consistency, which you may then utilise to educate your dog to finally pee outside.

Puppy Pads Selection

A toilet pad’s purpose is to give a visible, constant spot for your puppy to relieve himself. You’ll want something absorbent, easy to clean, and durable.

and large enough to accommodate the messes that your particular dog creates. In comparison to miniature breeds, large breed dogs may require heavy-duty solutions.

Newspapers, paper towels, cloth towels, urine pads from the shop, and indoor/outdoor carpet toilet stations are all alternatives.

Paper Towels and Newspaper are dirty and difficult to clean up when your puppy pees on them, but they are inexpensive.

Cloth towels are absorbent, but they must be laundered on a regular basis, and your dog is more inclined to chew on them as if they were a blanket or toy. Because of their absorbency, size choices, and simplicity of disposal, store-bought pee pads are the most popular alternative.

Indoor/outdoor carpet potty stations particularly made for dogs are wonderful solutions if you wish to educate your tiny dog to use the toilet indoors.


Introduce Puppy Pads to Your Puppy

Allow your dog to inspect and smell the puppy pads you’ve selected. This will help it become acclimated to the new thing and not be afraid of it when it’s time to go pee. Allow your puppy to walk on the pad as you repeat a consistent command, such as “go potty,” at potty time.


Plan for when your puppy will need to go potty.

You’ll need to keep your puppy nearby when toilet training so you can predict when they’re going to go potty.

Puppy pads

There are a few crucial moments and behaviors to keep an eye out for that will alert you when your puppy needs to urinate or defecate:

  • Puppies normally go pee when they sleep, eat, drink, and play. You should pick up your puppy around 15 minutes after it accomplishes one of these things and set it on the puppy pad in expectation of it needing to pee or defecate.

Instead of playing or chewing on a toy, your puppy will start sniffing around on the ground, indicating that it has to go pee. If it starts doing this, you should take it up and set it on the puppy pad.

It’s possible that your puppy will need to go pee every two to three hours. Routinely take your pup to the pee pad maybe every two to three hours.


Your Puppy Should Be Rewarded

Puppies respond well to praise and rewards. If your dog uses its toilet pad, make sure to praise it right away. This can be expressed verbally in an eager tone of voice, by caressing your dog, or by providing it a special, soft reward that is only given when it is time to go pee.


Maintain Consistency

Maintain a consistent schedule for your dog. This will help you anticipate when your puppy might need to go pee.

Each time, say the same command phrase.

Keep the puppy pad in the same spot until your puppy begins to use it on his own. You may gradually transfer your puppy away from the puppy pad after he or she understands what to do. Move it closer to the door or outside where you want your puppy to go pee without using the puppy pad in the future.


Avoiding Training Mistakes

Encourage your puppy not to pull on the toilet pad, chew on it, eat food on it, or play on it. This may cause your puppy to be confused about the puppy pad’s function.

Do not relocate the puppy pad until your dog understands what it is for and is routinely using it.

Make sure you choose and use a reward that your puppy is ecstatic to get. This will make the training process easier.


Problems and Proofing Techniques

If your puppy isn’t going to the toilet on time, move it closer to where it typically goes. You want to train it to potty outside. Start by bringing it closer to the door while it plays or eats.

An then, if you’re having trouble keeping track of your puppy and it’s having accidents when you’re not looking, try these tips:

  • Attach a bell on its collar to help you locate it.
  • Keep the leash on the puppy so that it drags behind it and leaves a trail for you to follow.
  • Consider putting your puppy to sleep in a crate or exercise pen. However this may cause it to whine if it has to go pee. Because dogs don’t want to poop in the same place they sleep.

If your puppy seems to be urinating all the time, talk to your veterinarian about puppy pads. And the difficulties that certain puppies can have.



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